Twister Origami-stool kit (from pattern-stool)


Twister, it is a toy, and its concept based on Japanese way of playing. It is our friend. Toy. There is a close connection between toy and our life. It can make people happy and can teach something important through playing. We always fall victim to its charm. At the same time, toy is friend, it’s always with us and support us naturally. I believe Chair is a toy, the furniture is very familiar to our everyday life, and also it is, in fact, our supportive friend who is always be there whenever we need it to be. Japan is country with tatami mat culture. We are willing to kneel on the mat for hours. Chair was used to be rakish product brought by Westerners. Since we were used to love to sit on the floor with a Japanese square cushion, we only had low dining table, which height is 50cm tall at most. It had been Japanese traditional living room with wooden low dining table, without chairs. Want to use magic. I used to believe my grandmother was a witch. One thread of knitting wool became a bridge and tower on her hands. (Ayatori: cat’s cradle) One piece of tissue paper was converted into a small doll by her hands. One piece of color paper is transformed into crane and turtle. (Origami) The surprise in which two-dimensional thing (2D) comes to have bodies (3D)in a flash. The process in which familiar thing transforms to excitement shape. The pleasure that we can get from simple playing which has been close toour life. I believe the material of my chair should be as simple as things that we can get easily such as cardboard; the process of my chair should be veryeasy just as my grandmother’s magic-like playing, and the chair should also be built by anyone in a twinkling. One will be able to see the complete chair as the toy, which hasclose connection with one’s life. Twister is weird shaped chair. Its material is only cardboard, its process is very simple yet enjoyable just like infantile pastimes. It is a toy, which can remind all of us the pleasure to make things, the basic concept of creative acts. Twister is made by cardboard slightly 5mm thick and its weight is 600g, yet it will play a role of your supportive friend who sustain your weight literally. Its design amuses you. The twister shows eloquent shape, and indeed, people can enjoy its charming shape viewing it from all side, even from below; so, Twister is our beautiful friend.

「premio vico magistretti ‘living simplicity’ in furniture design international competition」にてshortlist入り
※depadova showroom(in milan, italy)にて2007.10.31より展示、及びカタログ掲載

ローテーブル 〜オーダーメイド〜
2-PLY CHAIR 〜重なりから生まれる体験〜
Sa-iN 〜指先に伝わる余韻〜
Twister Origami-stool kit (from pattern-stool)
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